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May 30th, 2022

I like to keep a personal collection of quotes. Some are just funny in or out of context but others explain my beliefs in a more beautiful or concise way than I think I could on my own. Here are some of those that I feel like sharing online:

"Don't shoot for the moon and miss." – Tom Scott

“Our music has always been for anyone who's open–minded enough to jump into the dialogue... who's brave enough to look for meaning and truly jump into that” – Jon Foreman

“Problems are often incorrectly thought of as our enemies – things to be avoided and warded away with credit cards. But really, they are our best teachers. Do you like learning? There's no better way to learn than to be forced to solve your own problems.” – Mr. Money Mustache

"For windows problems: reboot. for Linux problems: be root" – comment on LTT video

"We tend to hold novel technologies to an unrealistic standard" – Bettina Warburg

"Modern whiskey suits neither my purse, my palette, nor my digestion" – C. S. Lewis, Lilies That Fester

"Every lament is a love song" – Switchfoot, Yesterday

“It's strange, because I cannot deny that regardless of where you move, you are still the same person. So some would suggest that you should be equally happy regardless of your surroundings. But it doesn't seem to work that way for me. I think that for some people, there really is A BETTER PLACE. For me, it was the presence of mostly nature and sunshine with just enough city thrown in to make life convenient, and the odd combination of culture in the Boulder, Colorado area that starts with an entrepreneurial and educated base, but throws the whole Workaholic thing out the window and seeks Quality of Life instead. Sure, we still have douchebag consumerism and the odd clueless fancypants daintily laying grocery bags into the back of an empty Cadillac Escalade. But it's drastically less than in other areas. And the much-mentioned pressure to compete based on material possessions seems to be nonexistent in the area I live myself.” – Mr. Money Moustache

"When success is equated with excess, the ambition for excess wrecks us." – Switchfoot, American Dream

"The amount of money required for peak happiness drops rapidly as your Badassity increases.” – Mr. Money Moustache

"I wear the armor of cynicism and hide behind the great walls of irony and only glimpse beauty with my back turned to it through the Claude glass. But I want to be earnest even if it's embarrassing." – John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed

"That is the question, are we a lost cause or are we just lost, you know, the story's not finished. I'm a relentlessly optimistic person. I refuse to believe that we're done." - Tim Foreman

Obviously I foregt a lot of quotes and there's so much more out there but these are a few things that stood out to me. I'm relentlessly optimistic and fiercely independent. I like to solve problems with my brain rather than with my money. I try to be open–minded enough to jump into dialogue with as many different perspectives as I can. I try to be earnest even if it's embarassing and I really respect those who do.

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